Alila Jebal Akhdar

One of the top luxury addresses in Oman, alone on the Saiq Plateau of Jebal Akhdar

This luxury hotel of the Alila brand has made a name for itself among connoisseurs. Tastefully decorated with luxurious natural stone-clad bungalows close to a canyon at the rear edge of the Saiq high plateau on Jebal Akhdar, 2000 meters above sea level. The hotel opened a few years ago and offers guests all the top luxuries which have come to be expected of the Alila brand.

When driving yourself, plan to arrive at Alila Jebel Akhdar during daylight hours, which will aid your orientation on the well-developed, but steep and winding climb up Jebal Akhdar from Birkat al Mauz, and accessible only by 4x4. From Muscat you should allow at least 2 hours to reach the hotel.

The hotel grounds are very large. It is recommended to hike along the informative nature trail over the grounds, which will take just about an hour. Trekking tours are offered from the hotel.

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