The Batinah plans, Oman's vegetable garden

The Batinah Coast is a fertile plain extending between the Western Hajar Mountains and the Gulf of Oman. It runs along the sea for 400 kilometers with a width of 10 to 50 kilometers. It is the vegetable garden of the Sultanate. Many forts built in this area protected the local population from invaders, coming over the sea..

The wide arc of the Hajar Mountains west of the Batinah coast is known as the ”backbone of the country”, the Batinah coast protected within its curve is described as the ”stomach” and Musandam is the ”head”. Most food is produced here and is also consumed here, so disappearing back into the ”stomach”.

Rainfall in the mountains ensures an all-season harvest. Bananas, mangos, limes, tomatoes, other vegetables, and of course dates are cultivated in these farms.

Throughout history this land was coveted by foreign interests. Several times in the past invaders landed their armies along the coastline to usurp the land. This explains the many forts built in this area to protect the local population. The most important ones are those of Nakhl, Al-Hazm, Rostaq and Sohar.