Hotels in Oman

Oman offers a wide palette of accommodations from fairytale palace hotels to rustic desert camps.

The hotels and camps which we have on offer are a carefully chosen few, which we know personally and heartily recommend. We depend also on our customers' comments and evaluations, because this continuous feedback keeps us current on conditions which may have changed since our last visit.

The majority of hotels are found in and around the major urban areas, Muscat and Salalah. While the tourism infrastructure is continuously being updated and expanded, there is still a shortage of suitable accommodations in the interior, which serve also business travelers and tour groups. It is emphatically requested that hotel reservations be made as far in advance as possible.

There is no issue of unmarried or unrelated travel partners sharing a room.

To make your search easier we have grouped the accommodations according to region.

Overnight in Musandam

The Musandam Peninsula is separated from the rest of the territory of the Sultanate by the United Arab Emirates. Located on the Strait of Hormuz, the cliffs of the Hajar Mountains drop steeply into the sea. The exclave Musandam offers breathtaking fjord landscapes that can be explored by dhow.

Find suitable hotels as a base for exploring Musandam.



Overnight in the Capital Area / Muscat

In Muscat, there is now a fairly large selection of hotels. Since the city stretches along the coast for about 70 km, the location of the hotel determines how much time and effort you have to plan for sightseeing.

Find a list of recommended city and beach hotels in Muscat.



Hotels in the Hajar Region

The Hajar Mountains run from the Musandam Peninsula to its southern foothills for a length of some 600 kilometers along the north coast of the Sultanate. The region with cities Bahla, Jabrin and Nizwa has long been the cultural and religious center of Oman. In addition to the old cities, fortresses and palaces, there are also the fascinating mountains of Jebal Akhdar and Jebal Shem to discover.

Here to the overview of the accommodations of the Hajar region




Hotels in the Batinah Region

The Batinah Plain is an approximately 400-kilometer-long and approximately 30-kilometer-wide coastal strip that runs between the western Hajar Mountains and the Gulf of Oman. For centuries, a multitude of castles and fortresses protected the inhabitants from raids. Ideal starting point for exploring the northern foothills of the Hajar Mountains,and also for beach stays.

Accommodations in the Batinah region


Hotels and Camps in Sharqiyah and Sur

The Sharqiyah region is located at the foothills of the eastern Hajar Mountains. Close to the easternmost point of Oman and the Arabian Peninsula, near Ras al-Hadd, lies the sea turtle sanctuary of Ras al-Jinz. The landscape is dominated by the sand dunes of the Wahiba Desert. Accommodations vary from simple but atmospheric desert camps to luxury accommodations.

Here is an overview of accommodation in the Sharqiyah


Hotels in Al Wusta and Masirah Island

South of the Hajar Mountains begins the barren wilderness of central Oman. For 800 kilometers, to the mountains of Dhofar, there is hardly any vegetation, and people are scarse in this hostile environment. The coastal strip is much more varied. Long sandy beaches like al-Khaluf or Ras al-Duqm, and jagged coastal mountains like Ras Madrakah, are interspersed with beautiful bays and wadis like Shuwaimiyah.

Hotels on the sparsely populated east coast suitable for the coastal drive from northern Oman to Salalah



Hotels in Southern Oman

The Dhofar region covers one third of the Sultanate of Oman. At the northern foothills of the Dhofar Mountains grow the famous frankincense trees. Samharamm, Al Baliid and Shisr -- these important archaeological sites on the ancient frankincense road are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Even today one still succumbs to the magical effect these places had in ancient times on the Romans. Most hotels in the region are located on the beautiful long beach of the regional capital Salalah and along the coast near Taqah

Here to the overview of the hotels in Dhofar


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