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Renate, Eva-Maria and Uwe, Arabian Sea Villas

... It's been bothering me for some time, making me feel guilty, because I haven't thanked you yet for the Oman guide book. I want to make up for that now.

Heidi Zimmermann Arabian Sea Villas, March 2012

... Taking the routes suggested to us we managed to see a lot in Salalah in quite a short time. This is truly a great service and not to be taken for granted, that guests are looked after like this...

Susanne Lerch-Weil Tour to Musandam, November 2011

... I am very happy that, in addition to the Omani "mainland," I was also able to visit Musandam, which in many aspects distinguishes itself from the rest of Oman (I don't mean this judgmentally) ...

Christiane Mueller and Kerstin Mueller Selfdrive Tour and Guided Tours, January 2011

... I regret to inform you, that you made a huge mistake: you forgot to stop the clock! and now, unfortunately, it's all over. Otherwise I can offer no criticism. Thank you so much for the perfect organisation ... The colors and facets of Oman have a permanent place in my heart. It was certainly not my last time there. ...

Hildegund and Konrad Neumeier Guided Round Trip, January/February 2011

... back from fabulous Oman, brimming with enthusiasm .... The trip started off right (upgrade, business-class). And each day brought a new experience. There was good chemistry with our two professional and capable drivers ... Two wedding celebrations; the festival in Mutrah; a dhow cruise; Jabal Akhdar, and more .. . My husband took over 1000 photos. Hooray!. ...

Erika Steinfath, Shalaan Mohamed, Ali Roxa Selfdrive Tour and Guided Tours, November 2011

... It turns out that I visited the camp in 1998, in Rashid's early days under his Abdullah. So we paid a sick-bed visit to his father, who fell from a horse a few days before .... The evening in camp was lovely for everyone present, especially for my fellow traveler, Shalaan (born in Syria and Arab-German interpreter) ...

Anja Mittra Single Women Traveller, Selfdrive Tour and Guided Tours, November 2011

... I was just there, for two weeks, a woman on the road alone, and I would do that in only a few different countries. Here in Oman, the people are friendly and helpful, the country is safe -- probably one of the safest on earth -- and a woman is accepted as a solo traveler, as long as she is discreet. ...

Laura and Philip Self drive Tour, December 2011/January 2012

... Oman is an incredibly exciting destination. To see how this tradition-rich country is being led into modern times without sacrificing its dignity and history is really impressive - even more so when one enters via the Emirates and experiences the contrast of the artificially glittering worlds of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You were absolutely correct in what you told us before we left ...

Prof. Dr. Roduner Study Tour, December 2011/January 2012

... We are back from our memorable study tour to this very interesting country, with its hospitable people and its bizarrely beautiful landscapes. ...

Family Bott Selfdrive Tour and Guided Tours, December 2011/January 2012

... It was a wonderful trip. Crossing the desert in our own jeep was so intense, thank you for advising us to do this instead of letting the Bedouins drive us ... The time of year was exactly right ... But what stands out the most is the peace and quiet, and the hospitality of the Omanis ...

Claudia Seckel, Sabine Bélard and Christine Freudenberg Self-drive tour, December 2011/January 2012

... Everything worked out very well, having Rail & Fly tickets, the flight itself, the visa service on arrival, the airport transfers, the hotel was simple (as we wanted) and the location was unbeatable ...

Claudia und Thomas Guided Round Trip, January 2012

... We had every imaginable experience -- both old and new culture, including a camel race, a fish market on the beach, "every" coffee shop along the way -- and we reveled in it. The guide Jakob is a pearl....

Pirko and Karsten Krämer Self-drive tour and guided tours, February 2012

... our visit to Oman was an unforgettable experience. The travel arrangements worked perfectly. The accommodations were just as you described ...

Dr. Helmut Angelberger Guided Round Trip

... A good tip offered by our driver-guide was to visit the market in Sinaw. There were hardly any tourists, and it was much more rustic than the Friday market in Nizwa. There were also many camels to be seen there ...

Patrick Hubert, Self-drive tour

... What I will remember is how the Omanis were so friendly towards us. We received invitations almost daily. After we lost our way, we asked young people for directions. We remained at the site for a few hours, and were warmly greeted by 20 people ... Your guide book is excellent and I enjoy reading it whenever I have time.

Self-drive off-road vehicle with guided desert crossing

... First of all, many thanks for the great trip preparation and the good choice of accommodation, everything worked out great. ... The desert crossing was a unique experience, we were well catered for and looked after. ... All in all, our trip was again filled with wonderful experiences ...

Professor of Kennesaw State University, GA, USA University Tour, guided tour

Arabia Felix did a fantastic job organizing our university tour. Both our faculty and students were impressed with the services provided and were completely wowed ....

Renate and Peter Roth, Selfdrive-tour with guided tours

... we really enjoyed the trip, all was well-organized and everything went smoothly ... There was a minor accident, with the car breaking down shortly after Muscat. We had to wait 4 hours for a new car (the rental agency went to great lengths to help) ...

Tanja Schmidhofer and Wolfgang Neumeister, Self-drive tour and guided tours

... my wife and I have now returned safely from Oman. Everything worked out fine and it was better than we imagined ... we were looked after very well and lovingly. We were very curious, and explored very much, and as a result we drove more than the 200 km. included per day ...

Professor of History, Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Self-drive tour and guided tour

... Misfat is a magical place ... though that poor village is tourist weary and clearly struggling under the strain and tensions ... I loved the sound of water 24/7 and the sheer beauty of the place ... Your book is a treasure ...

Birgit Eckhoff-Moison, Self-drive tour and guided tours

... our Oman trip was a multi-faceted, exciting yet relaxed travel experience... The impressions could not be more varied and intense ... As diverse as the country and its inhabitants, so different also our accommodations ... each appealing in its own way, all good, corresponding to its category ... The guided tours along the aflaj took us safely on routes and to places that we would never have found find on our own ...

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