Oman at the Venice Biennale for the first time

From 23 April to 27 November 2022, the Sultanate of Oman will present its first national pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

On display are the works of the three female artists Raiya Al Rawahi, Radhika Khimji, Budoor Al Riyami and the two male artists Anwar Sonya and Hassan Meer will be

Because Omani artists are represented at the Biennale for the first time, we were curious and travelled to Venice. As soon as we entered the Omani pavilion, we were impressed by the atmospheric density and successful staging of the works in the exhibition space. Knowing the country and its people, essential features of the landscape are condensed in the artworks, the archaic ruggedness and barrenness of the mountains, the little, yet life-giving water and the living conditions of the people 50 years ago without any modern technology, electricity and roads.

The exhibited works and their presentation are a successful debut at the Venice Biennale.

We are particularly pleased that two of the artists represented in Venice, Anwar Sonja and Hassan Meer, belonged to the circle of young artists who were juried by Prof. em. Thomas Zacharias (Academy of Fine Arts, Munich) for the exhibition "Oman - Insights into an Unknown Arabia" organised by ARABIA FELIX, which was shown in 15 cities in Germany from June 2001 to July 2004.

more about the exhibiting artists and their works (article in the Wallpaper* Magazine)



  • Anwar Sonya, Oman Pavillion Venice Biennale 2022Anwar Sonya and Raiya Al Rawahi: Speed of Art, 2017 - 2022, Installation. Oman Pavillion Venice Biennale 2022
  • Budoor Al Riyami, Oman Pavillion Venice Biennale 2022Budoor Al Riyami: Breathe, 2022, installation view. Five mixed media sculptures and monitors, each displaying films projected on five resin bases. Oman Pavillion Venice Biennale 2022
  • Hassan Meer, Oman Pavillion Venice Biennale 2022Hassan Meer: Reflections From Memories, 2009 – 2022, installation. Oman Pavillion Venice Biennale 2022
  • Radhika Khimji, Oman Pavillion Venice Biennale 2022Radhika Khimji: Under, Inner, Under, 2022, installation. Oman Pavillion Venice Biennale 2022