Oman: Jewel of the Arabian Gulf

What makes this guide so special? The book is the product of many years of personal friendship between the author and Omanis and his continued fascination with the country. Georg Popp has been traveling regularly in Oman for over 25 years and describes the country from the perspective of its people. The reader delves into the dazzling history of the Sultanate, the society marked by diversity and tolerance, and the breathtaking natural beauty of this state on the eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula.

Travelers do not miss out: In addition to history, culture and background information, detailed route suggestions are made, which make exploring the sultanate an unforgettable experience.

Oman, the easternmost part of the Arabian Peninsula, can look back on a centuries-old continuity and cultural tradition like no other state in this region: as a maritime and trading nation, Oman was the most important link between the Far East, Africa and Europe until the 19th century. In his portrait of the country, Georg Popp describes the historical and cultural roots of the Islam-influenced young state, which has been increasingly opening up to the world for some years now through a progressive monarch who is promoting the development of a modern state in harmony with ancient traditions.

Also shown is the current life of the Omanis and the influence of current political, economic and social changes: we are gently introduced into a society characterized by diversity and tolerance. Seven extensive round trips describe the fascinating landscape diversity of wild mountain regions, vast deserts, green oases and modern cities with old markets. The capital Muscat, the Batinah coast, routes through the eastern and western Al-Hadjar mountains, the provinces of Al Wusta, and Dhofar with Salalah, and the remote Musandam are presented in detail in this guide, taking into account the climatic, geographical and tourist features.

Numerous maps and sketches are included. Atmospheric color photos give a vivid impression of the uniqueness of Oman and its inhabitants. The information section ("The Green Pages") provides important current travel tips from A to Z, as well as a timeline and a glossary.

Oman: Jewel of the Arabian Gulf /Edition Temmen, by Georg Popp, English edition, 2010, based on the the 6th edition of the German book OMAN by Georg Popp. 413 pages,  EUR 19,90

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