The Royal Opera House, Muscat

After several years of construction, the Royal Opera House was opened in Muscat in autumn 2011. It sees itself as a platform for performances by its own national orchestra, but also for internationally renowned ensembles.

A glimpse at the performance schedule quickly clarifies that not only operas are performed here, but music from all over the world, everything from Arabian to religious music is on offer. The Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra finally has a home, where it may be heard regularly. A varied assortment may be presented within a few days: classical arias evening, mystical dance performances by dervishes, guest performances by internationally renowned music stars such as the African ethno singer Dobet Gnahoré and the Kuwaiti vocal star Abdullah Al Ruwahishid; instrumental soloists like Lang Lang and Anne Sophie Mutter. In addition to the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra, the great orchestras and opera houses of the world are now coming here for a concert. One of the main reasons for this is certainly the fabulous acoustics. The concert hall can be reconfigured right down to the last detail for each of the very different musical requirements, ideally adapting the sound of the hall.

The guest artists have been enthusiastic so far. And the Omani audience is increasingly open-minded and interested. The initially negative attitude is giving way to the fascination of the musical diversity of this world.

Visitors can take advantage of the car park attached to the Opera House. One might also consider ending the evening in the upscale Omani restaurant Al Angham, in the gallery of the opera house. Please note, however, that a prior reservation is absolutely necessary. Telephone: (+968) 2207 7777.

The Royal Opera House can be visited daily from 8:30 to 10:30.
For information about the schedule and tickets see www.rohmuscat.org.om


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