Documentary Film "Religious Tolerance in Oman"

Tolerance is something you can think about, talk about and theorize about as much as you like, but it can only be felt in person. Personalizing this experience is the method used by the director Wolfgang Ettlich in his approach to documenting the religious and Islamic culture of Oman.

The viewer accompanies the film team on a tour through daily life in modern Oman, thus catching a glimpse into many aspects of society which would normally be hidden from the view of western visitors. The director is escorted by an Omani who provides background information and explains basic elements of Islam.  Islam is the official religion of Oman, ubiquitous and supported by both the state and its adherents.

Other religious communities are also supported by the state and are widely accepted. This film offers a glimpse into the diverse religious life found in Oman.

A film by Wolfganag Ettlich in cooperation with Georg Popp and Juma Al-Maskari
Camera: Hans Albrecht Luznat
Sound: Soltan Ravaz
Director of Production: Mohammed Said Al-Mamari

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> also available as bundle: DVD "Religious Tolerance in Oman" + DVD "Islamic Art in Oman" + Exhibition Catalogue

The film is currently available in 23 languages.


  • Maria PoppMaria Popp
  • Karin NowackKarin Nowack
  • Georg PoppGeorg Popp

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