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If you want to rent a car it's no problem on presentation of an international driving permit. Road signs are in Arabic and English so it is easy to get one's bearings. The speed limit is generally 120 kilometres per hour; breaking a speed limit can be very expensive. Traffic cameras and radar placed everywhere to catch speeders.

It is impossible to explore Oman properly without a car. Visitors to Oman will spend a good deal of time driving. Driving is on the right hand side. Road signs along the main roads are in Arabic and English, and the traffic signs and regulations are the same as those in Europe.

On presentation of an international or European driving license you can rent a car with no problem. Women behind the wheel are normal in Oman, something which would be quite unthinkable in Saudi Arabia. Since 1996 seat belts must be worn in the rear as well as the front seats. In the capital it is forbidden to drive very dirty vehicles. If you do you may be faced with an instant fine from the police.

The speed limit is generally 120 kilometres per hour. This also holds for the major motorways. Within built-up areas and wadi areas the limit is 40 kilometres per hour. The Omani police have the most modern radar equipment, which is continually in use. Breaking a speed limit can be very expensive.

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