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The state religion in modern Oman is Islam. The majority of the population belongs to the moderate Ibadiyah, a direction of Islam little perceived by the West: "Violence and intolerance do not correspond to the essence of Islam". Here, Sultan Qaboos not only expresses his personal opinion, but represents the mindset of Ibadiyah in general.

Islam is the link between the different groups in the country and secures cultural identity even in times of strong change.

In Oman, Islam developed its own form - the Ibadiyah. This school of law, which dates back to the year 700 and to which the majority of Omanis adhere, is democratic in its basic features and characterised by great peaceableness.

Another characteristic of Islam in Oman is the commitment to openness and tolerance towards other religions. Thus, there are also Christian and Protestant churches in Oman, as well as temples for Hindus and Buddhists.


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