The Eastern Hajar Mountains

The Eastern Hajar Mountains are not as high as the Western Hajars. On the coast in the eastern province of Sharqiyah, the old port of Sur is located.

In the Eastern Hajar Mountains you find deep ravines, where water flows throughout the year. Of these, the most beautiful are Wadi Shab, Wadi Tiwi and Wadi Bani Khalid. But the cyclones "Gonu" (2007) and "Phet" (2010) did change the appearance of these wadis dramatically. Wadi is the Arabic term for riverbed.

The steep and jagged slopes of the Jabal Aswad, the "Black Mountain", are the home of one of the least known and researched and one of the most timid mammals in the world, the Arabian Tahr, which is a half-goat.

On the coast in the eastern province of Sharqiyah, the old port Sur is located. Here still traditional Arabic boats are built.

High on the Jabal Bani Jabar plateau above the coast, about 60 grave towers were discovered by a pilot traversing over the range. These constructions, known as the Bruje Kibaykib Tombs, are up to eight meters high. They are presumed to be five thousand years old.

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  • wadi bani khalidWadi Bani Khalid
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