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They met in 1983 for the first time by chance in the Munich student dorm - the young Omani Juma Al Maskari and the German art student Georg Popp. It developed an intensive, to this day lasting friendship,both exploring the other, "foreign" culture. In 1993, both organized their first joint exhibition in Muscat: "Views of Germany - Views of Oman". Juma Al-Maskari showed his personal impressions of Germany in photos. On display were reliquary bones in churches, dogs waering "clothes", contrails of airplanes in the sky, Jehovah's Witnesses standing at intersections, as well as scenes from the everyday life of German families. Georg Popp concentrated on artistic works that were created using colors from Omani soil. It was the prelude to a series of exhibitions on the culture of the sultanate that continues to this day - now all over the world.

The intensive work on the culture of Oman made Georg Popp at the beginning of the 1990s a specialist in the hitherto largely unknown country. The call for publications on Oman by renowned magazines and publishers were the result.

Since 2010 various documentary films about the society and history of the Sultanate had been produced, in which both Georg Popp and Juma Al-Maskari were significantly involved. The latest project is dedicated to the search for the historical roots of the exchange between Oman and East Africa; a topic particularly dear to Juma because he was born in Zanzibar.


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