Quotes of Sultan Qaboos

“Extremism, under whatever guise, fanaticism of whatever kind, factionalism of whatever persuasion would be hateful poisonous plants in the soil of our country which will not be allowed to flourish.“
National Day Nizwa, 18.11.1994

“The path we have followed in our foreign policy over the past decades has shown itself to be both sound and effective, with God’s guidance. We are committed to this approach, which supports justice, peace and security, and tolerance and love; which calls for international cooperation in order to reinforce stability, promote growth and prosperity and tackle the causes of tension in international relations by producing just and permanent solutions to critical problems; which fosters peaceful coexistence between nations; and which generates well-being and prosperity for the whole of mankind.”
Majlis Oman, 14.11.2006

“The suppression of ideas and thought is a major sin, and we will never allow anyone to stifle freedom of thought. ... In our religion there is tolerance, morality and openness, and the venerable Quran stands for knowledge and thought. These verses do not call for sitting idly, unthinking, or to go through life blindly. It has never been, at any time, against inquiry or the seeking of knowledge.”
Sultan Qaboos University, 02.05.2000

“The more thought becomes diverse, open and free of fanaticism, the more it becomes a correct and sound basis for building generations, the progress of nations and the advancement of societies. Inflexibility, extremism and immoderation are the opposite to all this and societies which adopt such ideas only carry within themselves the seeds of their eventual destruction.“
The Council of Oman, 31.10.2011


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