• Willkommen - مرحبا بكم في عمان

    Willkommen - مرحبا بكم في عمان

General Terms and Conditions of ARABIA FELIX Synform GmbH, effective 06.10.2021

Tour Operator General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Clarification for the traveller 

Arabia Felix Synform GmbH, referred to as "Arabia Felix," offers its services exclusively on the basis of its General Terms and Conditions, the German "Allgemeine Reisebedingen" (ARB). These terms and conditions, together with the application and confirmation, become legally binding for the traveller and the additional members of his party. Acceptance of the booking confirmation represents acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Definitions: “Oman Tours” and “www.oman.de” are trademarks of the ARABIA FELIX SYNFORM GmbH (hereinafter referred to simply as “Arabia Felix ”), which is a tour operator based in Germany. “Traveller” refers to the contracting party, as well as everyone else travelling under the same contract. Arabia Felix is based in Germany; legal jurisdiction for any claims is in Germany.

(General Terms and Conditions of ARABIA FELIX Synform GmbH, effective 06.10.2021)




Travel Insurance:
ARABIA FELIX SYNFORM GmbH recommends travellers to have international travel medical insurance including coverage of repatriation costs in case of accident or illness.