Seeb (Sib)

Seeb (Sib) is a lively suburb of Muscat. In the souk there, in a maze of lanes and shops everything can be bought that a household needs. In stark contrast to this plebian pleasure is the luxurious new development district of Al Mouj (The Wave).

Seeb, originally a small fishing village, is now part of the Capital Area and a bustling suburb. The Muscat International Airport is here.

The center of Seeb, about 5 km west of the airport, is a bustling shopping district. This spreads between the main thoroughfare and the coast. In addition to small restaurants and food stalls, you will find here, in large and small shops, everything you need for the kitchen and the household. Even art prints, plastic reliefs made in China and of course portraits of Sultan Qaboos, can be purchased there.

Especially in the evenings and on Friday morning, the stands of the fish, meat and vegetable market are highly frequented.

Along the corniche on the shores of Seeb, towards Muscat, you reach the new development Al Mouj (The Wave) with its expensive apartments, hotels and boutiques, forming a stark contrast to the alleys of Seeb's souq. In Al Mouj you can play golf and anchor your yacht.

Comparing these two neighborhoods, one gains an instant understanding of the development of Oman in the last 40 years.

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