Wadi Shab, gorge in the Eastern Hajar Mountains

Wadi Shab, where the water has carved a spectacular gorge in the rock, is one of the most beautiful wadis in the country. However, the masses of water from cyclone Ghonu in 2007 spilled over the once idyllic palm-covered wadi entrance with its meter-high gravel banks. The bridge of the new highway, which was completed some years ago at the entrance to the wadi, does the rest to impact one's first impression. In the meantime, terraced fields are again being created and planted, so that the shock created by Gonu is beginning to fade.

A gravel bank dams the water which flows into the sea under the bridge, forming a small lake which you can cross for a fee in one of the small boats waiting near the parking lot.

If you walk about half an hour into the valley, you will reach the still beautiful section of the wadi, with its picturesque turquoise green water pools between striking rock formations of the Eastern Hajar Mountains. The path becomes varied with many steps (without railings) along the rocks and requires some surefootedness. After about an hour's hike, the path ends at water pools.

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