Al-Mudayrib - old settlement on the caravan route

Al-Mudayrib has managed to keep its atmosphere and character of an old settlement on the caravan route. The historical center is surrounded by small hills with watchtowers which are visible from afar.

The city is still inhabited as it always was and has managed to keep its atmosphere and character, although here too new buildings are emerging around the old settlement.

In the middle of the hollow the houses cluster around the only falaj. The oldest extant buildings in Al Mudayrib are from the 18th century. The comparatively good condition of the walls is thanks to the solid manner of construction – the stones were bound together with a mixture of clay and plaster. The large buildings equipped with defensive towers were used by the various clans as meeting points. In times of war they served as a defensive refuge for individual members of the tribe or for large families.

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  • Oasis mudayrib omanView on Al Mudayrib
  • mudayrib mansionAn old mansion of Al Mudayrib
  • mudayrib mansion interiorInside an old mansion of Al-Mudayrib
  • mudayrib mansion interiorThe watchtowers of Mudayrib can be seen from afar.
  • mudayrib old soukThe old souk of Al-Mudayrib
  • mudhayrib carved door detailDoor with carved ornaments in Al Mudayrib
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