Jabal Shams - the Grand Canyon of Oman

The highest point of the Hajar Mountains is Jabal Shams, rising to 3009 m above sea level. Its summit can only be reached in an extreme hike. With an SUV, however, is easy to reach the edge of the "Grand Canyon" of Oman, the gorge Wadi Nakhar.

The summit of Oman's highest peak, the Jabal Shams, is located in the immediate vicinity of the Grand Canyon of Oman, Wadi Nakhr, a spectacular canyon engraved more than 1000 meters into the mountainous massif.

Jabal Shams is extremely sparsely populated, with only a few small villages that can be reached via steep slopes, livening up the remote area. The view into the canyon is spectacular, as well as the hiking trail, the so-called "Canyon Walk" or "Balcony Walk" (W6), which leads along the edge of the canyon to the abandoned village of Sab, which presses like a swallow's nest on the canyon wall.

A special feature of Jabal Shams are the weavings made of goat hair. Originally used primarily as saddle blankets and carpets, they are produced on simple ground-level wooden looms. The wool was traditionally spun on a spindle by hand.

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