The Tahr - The Phantom of the Hajar Mountains

The Arabian Tahr is one of the most timid mammals in the world. It is a cross between a goat and an ibex and is related to the musk-ox and the chamois.

The steep and jagged slopes of the Jebel Aswad, the "Black Mountain," are the home of one of the least known and researched and one of the most timid mammals in the world, the Arabian Tahr, which is a half-goat.

A larger form of the tahr also lived in the oak forests of Europe, but this was between the two Ice Ages, between 100,000 and a million years ago. The tahr is a relic of prehistoric fauna that was only able to survive in one of the remotest corners of the earth. The tahr’s survival instinct leads it to flee at the slightest sound.

Only few people have ever seen it in the wild. There are assumed to be about 200 of this rare species living in the entire Hajar Mountain range.

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