The Palace and Castle of Jabreen

Imam Bilarab’s 17th C. residence has been completely restored and is now one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions.

The fortress-like exterior character of the complex is misleading: the design of the interiors clearly shows the building to have been intended as a palace.

The high rooms are fitted with narrow niches which reach from the floor to just under the ceilings. They are topped with Moorish arches richly decorated with stuccowork, and which also serve as the rooms’ main windows.

On the outside the windows are screened by decoratively carved stone latticework, which protects against too much sun and lends the rooms a pleasing subdued light. The design of the lattice work shows Persian influence, as does the harmonious spatial arrangements.

The ceilings of nearly all the rooms are painted, and are considered to be the most exquisite examples of such work in the country, a claim which, when you are faced with this splendour, seems not to be exaggerated.

The numerous precisely and lovingly worked details make Jabreen a jewel in the crown of Omani architecture.

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