The fortress of al-Hazm

This fortress juts out of the small oasis like an oversized rock, 17 km from Ar Rostaq. The stronghold was built as a residence in 1708 by Imam Sultan ibn Saif II, who also transferred his seat of government here.


Its construction apparently consumed all of his paternal inheritance, and was completed using generous loans from the mosque’s assets. Several secret passages provided escape routes from the fortress, the interior of which rather merits the description palace.

The large main gates are covered with carved arabesques and the interior doors, too, are decorated with carvings. The rooms are adorned with the most varied of stucco work, but until recently they had a somewhat sad appearance.

Particularly impressive is the still fully intact water supply system of the individual parts of the fortress. For example, on the first floor there is a large basin filled with water for tackling an outbreak of fire.