Renate, Eva-Maria and Uwe, Arabian Sea Villas

Hello Mrs. Popp,

Thank you for your email.

It's been bothering me for some time, making me feel guilty, because I haven't thanked you yet for the Oman guide book. I want to make up for that now.

It finally dawned on me, surprise, surprise, that we have the first edition of the book, from 1994, which we bought for our first holiday in Oman in 1995 (!). Even then, it had served us well because my husband and I travel to Oman (and many other countries) always on our own.

Since 1996 (our 2nd Oman vacation, including Salalah) Dhofar has not so much changed as the north. Of course, there are now many paved roads, but it is still tranquil. Even the Sea Villas has preserved its old face. At that time it was owned by three Swedes, but even today it is a very good address
The owners are attentive and helpful, and provide for their guests, also with lots of good tips. So it worked out fine for us (including our friend). The location of the Sea Villas of course cannot be beat. with Ms Mia Dekeersmaeker we had very informative and interesting discussions.

Incidentally, we were pleasantly surprised by the Al Ghaftain guest house. We were prepared for the worst. The motel turned out to be dapper, obviously renovated condition. One can't hope for anything more along this route.

Thank you again for your interest.

Warm greetings