Nomadic Desert Camp

The Bedouin-led palm hut camp is located about 20 km deep in the Wahiba Desert at the end of a dune valley.

If you really want to experience the Sharquiya / Wahiba Desert, then this is the place to be: the Nomadic Desert Camp. The camp was built and is run by a Bedouin family. They themselves also live among the nearby dunes. There is no electricity, but a perfect view of the starry night sky.

The guests stay in huts made of woven palm branches, called "barasti."  Barasti huts are the optimal design in this climatic region, as they provide shade and ventilation. The camp has shared showers and toilets.

The nightly rate includes transfers to and from the main road on the edge of the desert, as well as an Omani dinner and breakfast.

On request, you can also make a trip by camel into the desert (surcharge!).

In the summer months (June-Aug.) the camp is closed due to the high heat.

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