Ras al Jinz Scientific und Visitor Center

The Ras al Jinz Scientific and Visitor Center is a modern building built directly at the entrance to the bay of the Ras al Jinz Turtle Reserve.

The Ras al Jinz Scientific and Visitor Center blocks and controls access to the beach, which is allowed without a guide only between 8:00 in the morning and the early afternoon.

Twice at night (9:00 pm and 4:00 am) guided tours to the beach are offered in English. You will get an introduction to the importance of the reserve and the life cycle of sea turtles. For the tour, you have to walk about three quarters of an hour on footpaths through the terrain (sand, stones, low scrub).

Staying overnight in one of the 14 modern equipped rooms guarantees the possibility of participating in one of the guided tours, which only a limited number of people can book.

There is no guarantee that turtles will be seen, especially in December and January. Photographing the turtles in the dark is strictly prohibited. Since visitors to the beach must remain quiet at all times, it is not recommended to bring small children along on these night tours.

In the house there is a sea turtle museum, souvenir shop and a restaurant.

The rooms are modern, have air conditioning, mini bar, television and wifi, but almost windowless to restrict lighting outside, which adversely affects the turtles,

The dinner and breakfast buffet offers a variety of Asian and European dishes.

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