In Oman especially, durable goods were produced such as saddles, clothes, bags and blankets. In the desert the products are produced by women, in the mountains the men assume this role.

Despite the close proximity to Persia no carpets were woven in Oman, as some visitors would expect. Durable goods were produced such as saddles, clothes, bags and blankets.

Coarse goat hair which was coloured with dyes was used primarily. Today the men in the mountains of the Jabal Akhdar massif produce special products for the tourist trade.

In contrast to that, women in the Wahiba Sands produce coloured key rings and small carpets of wool but which are nowadays coloured chemically.

The products of the few silk weavers are very expensive. They use silk threads which are imported from India and produce the material for the turban of the sultan or wide foulards which are worn as a belt on festive days.

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