Sharqiyah - sand dunes and sea turtles

The region of Sharqiyah is located near the Eastern Hajar Mountains. The landscape is dominated by the dunes of the Wahibah Sands. The coastal setting here is one of the most beautiful in Oman. At the easternmost point of Oman lies Ras al-Hadd and a wildlife refuge for sea turtles.

At the easternmost point of Oman and the Arabian Peninsula, lies Ras al-Hadd, and the wildlife refuge of Ras al-Jinz. Here sea turtles can be observed at night, protected by ministerial decree, coming onto the beach to lay their eggs mostly during the summer months. Along the dunes once there was the caravan route from Sur to Muscat through the small cities of al-Kamil, Ibra and al-Mudayrib.

The Ramlat al-Wihiba (or Wahiba Sands) lies just in the west of this province. Its inhabitants are Bedouins, nomadic peoples who breed racing camels, which are prized throughout the entire Arabian peninsula. To the south the dunes of the Wahibah extend 200 km to the beaches of the Indian Ocean.

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