Erika Steinfath, Shalaan Mohamed, Ali Roxa Selfdrive Tour and Guided Tours, November 2011

Dear Frau Popp,

I meant to offer some feedback right after our trip ... but the time goes quickly and things one means to do get postponed.

Our trip to Oman was organized perfectly, everything was great: the rental car, the accommodations were all in order. The days (nights) spent at Frau Spörri's place in Qantab were very nice, including the location and the beach; everything was fine in Nizwa, and things worked out beautifully with the Nomadic Desert Camp.

It turns out that I visited the camp in 1998, in Rashid's early days under his Abdullah. So we paid a sick-bed visit to his father, who fell from a horse a few days before .... The evening in camp was lovely for everyone present, especially for my fellow traveler, Shalaan (born in Syria and Arab-German interpreter), for whom the language presented no communication difficulties, and who also even here at festivals in Austria occasionally sings and tells stories, and together with the Omanis helped entertain the guests.

The hotel in Suris still very new and the staff is having "teething problems." But they all exerted themselves; everything offered was fine and at our departure, they asked if everything was ok, and if so, would we please let you know. A bit late, but here it is.

A pity that the cyclone had such devastating effects on Wadi Tiwi and Wadi Shab, but in-shah-allah.

All in all, we will recommend your services and will come back to you again when we plan another such journey.

Friendly greetings from Linz