Patrick Hubert, Self-drive tour

Good day to you, Maria and Georg,

I want to thank you for the great week program that you have created for the 4 of us. All last week we were in Oman (Muscat, desert, Nizwa and Muscat again)

From the organizational aspect everything worked out. I am French living in Munich for 20 years. What I will remember is how the Omanis were so friendly towards us. We received invitations almost daily. After we lost our way, we asked young people for directions. We remained at the site for a few hours, and were warmly greeted by 20 people. It was the Eid celebration, therefore there was lots going on. We got to know a young imamwho told us a lot about the country, and Nizwa.

Your guide book is excellent and I enjoy reading it whenever I have time. Unfortunately I left the book in Nizwa, and the hotel can't find it. Do you still have the book in your office? If so, I'd like to drop by and buy a copy. I want to deepen my knowledge further, with the help of this book.

Many greetings,
Patrick Hubert