Professor of History, Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Self-drive tour and guided tour

Dear Georg,

I have been meaning to write to say: thank you!!

I had a marvelous time in Oman. The stay at Birgit's was gorgeous--that pool over the sea is to die for. The other place was also fine, and I swam many times in the ocean, discreetly finding my way into the water. The car rental was without a hitch. The weather was of course a challenge, but I followed almost all your instructions.

Misfat is a magical place, the nephew of the owner could not have been a more gracious host and interesting conversationalist, though that poor village is tourist weary and clearly struggling under the strain and tensions. I hope it survives not just as a museum. I loved the sound of water 24/7 and the sheer beauty of the place.

Your book is a treasure.

Keep it all going, Georg. I feel like I went somewhere and don't yet know where I was--in terms of the politics of the place mostly and so few conversations with Omani.
But no regrets. It was worth doing. I may just choose another season next time.

So a thousand times over: thank you for all you did to set up a beautiful experience for me, especially your powers of persuasion with Birgit as this was such a lovely way to end.

All best to you.